27 Oct Creative, Healthy, Halloween Food- Kid Friendly

I am a person who loves to celebrate. I love birthdays, holidays, and traditions. It’s no surprise that I’ve looked for every opportunity to throw Halloween fun into our meals and snacks. My children throughly enjoyed experimenting with me. Making fun, creative food for kids is a great way to get them excited about eating certain foods- especially for those picky eaters. Children are more likely to eat something they are apart of. Let children brainstorm meals ideas, prep, and cook the food. They will be way more excited about eating the food they help with.

Halloween is usually associated with treats, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few creative, healthy, halloween food to try with your family.

We made fruit candy corn kabobs. Cantaloupe on the bottom, pineapple in the middle, and a banana on top.
 This was our mummy apples. We used mini chocolate chips (Enjoy Life) for the eyes. Dried blueberries would also work well.

Peanut butter and apples are my boys’ favorite snack. They enjoyed creating “monster” mouths. We made them a few different days. First we used raisins as teeth and then we use marshmallows.

We go through bananas like crazy at our house. My boys love banana bites.

We made ghost bananas with cheerio eyes. Later, we made banana ghost popsicles. We stuck a popsicle stick in a banana half, added chocolate eyes, and froze them in the freezer for a couple hours. Made a delicious, healthy treat after dinner. My boys could not stop giggling. They loved the ghosts.
How cute is this monster pasta? We had this for dinner this week. I dyed gluten free pasta purple, topped the pasta with my homemade tomato sauce (added ground beef), and used olives for the eyes.